Stronghouse presents at Climate Event Bremerhaven

23 March 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
On 18th March Project Coordinator Hein Braaksma presented the Stronghouse project online during the Arbeitskreis “Klimaschutzmaßnahmen” Bremerhaven. This workshop, under the broader theme of climate protection measures, was organized by Klimaatstadsburo Bremerhaven, Stronghouse partner and responsible for the management of initiatives implemented by the German Environmental Protection Agency

The audience - an assembly of local stakeholders from both the public and political arena – were informed about  Stronghouse’s homeowner perspective,  our approach using personas and customer journeys, as well as  the tools partners are researching and developing to connect with and support homeowners and neighbourhoods on their transitional trip towards achieving optimal energy efficiency and climate neutrality.


Specific solutions

The aims and achievements of Stronghouse so far were enthusiastically received. Particularly the project’s close connection with homeowners’ needs and our insights into accessibility and affordability. The fact is that energy renovation is simply beyond the budget of many homeowners. Age and life phase, for example, are serious factors to consider and this stresses the need for specific solutions.

Alte Bürger neighbourhood

Hein’s introduction to Stronghouse was followed by a presentation on the Klimameile  /Climate Mile in the Alte Bürger district of Bremerhaven by Ralf Manke, BauBeCon.  This has also been highlighted in our project as a prime example of how to combine climate goals and opportunities to reduce C02 emissions with a neighbourhood approach.


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