H2 Tiny House - an inspiring meeting space

08 November 2022 - Published by Deirdre Buist
During a monthly meeting to discuss regional progress and extra opportunities for shared learnings on a transnational level, the Drenthe partners in Stronghouse met up in a more inspiring setting than usual – namely, the Hydrogen Tiny House in Hoogeveen.

Project Manager Kees Boer gave his  Dutch Stronghouse colleagues a tour, explaining the why and wherefore of this innovative meeting space.  Kees is a true ambassador for green hydrogen: “To help create public support for the use of hydrogen as a heating source in the homethe Hydrogen Tiny House  is an ideal showcase project.  It’s right beside the Erflanden neighbourhood where we plan to retrofit 400 houses, exchanging the current gas boiler for one on H2."


Project Manager Kees Boer shows the ins and outs of the H2O Tiny House 

Hydrogen adoption strategy 

Together with partners from Hoogeveen, Stronghouse will demonstrate a hydrogen adoption strategy, creating ownership for homeowners and local enterprises. Here residents can see how the system works. They have the opportunity to ask questions and receive clarification about any doubts they might have regarding the technical aspects. This communication is crucial. Successful implementation depends on complete cooperation with the homeowners and working with all stakeholders in a  process of joint design.

A viable alternative

“By demonstrating that hydrogen is a viable alternative energy source in the built environment, the Hydrogen Tiny House contributes to the national and even global challenges we face during  the energy transition,” says Kees.

Take a look at this bottom-up neighbourhood approach, what the local residents think about this inspirational project and their transition to H2 as an energy source.

Collective initiative

The Hydrogen Tiny House is a collective initiative of the Municipality of Hoogeveen, Alfa College and ‘Vrienden van Techniek Hoogeveen’ (a platform that stimulates regional  interaction between companies in the technical sector and educational institutes). It was  developed and built together with students from Alfa College,