The Climate Mile Alte Bürger

22 February 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
A long-cherished project of the Climate City Office Bremerhaven is now starting. With Stronghouse support and a step by step approach to their goal of climate neutrality, they've taken a real leap forward in creating a Climate Mile with the entire “Alte Bürger” neighbourhood,

On the Climate Mile, energy-efficient building refurbishment will play a major role in adjusting the climate balance. There is great potential for modernization in some of the houses in the Alte Burger district. Others have already been renovated to a high standard, but there’s still room to optimize homeowners own energy generation or climate adaptation measures. New windows, heat supply, insulation, lighting, control technology and the use of solar energy all offer plenty of scope for major energy and cost savings. Together with other actors, the Stronghouse project will provide enabling tools.

Climate conscious

A driving motivation uniting residents in the ‘Climate Mile Alte Bürger’ concept is the desire for a shared use of public space together with an eager curiosity for climate-conscious measures that can be taken in one’s own home.



Events & initiatives

There are some exciting events and initiatives in the pipeline for the residents. All in sync with the current Corona situation. First of all, there will be an inventory phase. From 24th – 26th February, measurements will be taken in and around the Alte Bürger by the Climate and Energy Efficiency Agency (KEEA) and data will be recorded to develop a neighborhood concept.

Then, an online kick-off event is planned for March 25th, where the "Climate Mile" ideas will be presented and an interactive Q & A session is programmed. 


Energy transition projects involve many stakeholders. Amongst others, Stronghouse is one of the main contributors to the concept development and implementation of the Climate Mile Alte Bürger. So, watch this space for updates!

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