Noordenveld connects at the Energy Market Rolderwolde

11 October 2022 - Published by Deirdre Buist
On 17th September, the latest in a series of Energy Markets was organized by the Municipality of Noordenveld in Roderwolde. This event, under the shade of a traditional windmill and landmark in the region, was targeted at all inhabitants from the village and surrounding areas. It provided a perfect opportunity to avoid extreme queues on information lines and connect directly with energy advisors, the Energiecooperatie Noordseveld (a local energy cooperative), Drents Energieloket (DEL) and Energiek Roderwolde.


Working together 

Fitting with the Stronghouse  partners supportive role for homeowners, the Municipality and the Energiek Roderwolde project use a neighbourhood approach to unite the inhabitants in a shared goal to create a better, more sustainable environment. It’s about working together to make their corner of the world a better place to live, now and in the future!



Such open events clearly meet a need. Daniel van der Kleij manned the DEL stand: "Now that we're confronted daily with news of the energy challenges we’re likely to face this winter, people are keen to gather as much information as possible regarding their renovation options. Although a great deal is digitally available,  information lines are overcrowded and being kept an hour on hold is becoming the norm, despite efforts on all fronts to increase capacity," he says. "Many homeowners prefer - and clearly appreciate - the face-to-face contact with energy coaches and other advisors. They share a real sense of urgency now and want hands on advice as the shortages in terms of professional experts, skilled craftsmen and materials exasperate the current energy crisis."

Promising results

Roy Stavenga, project manager for Stronghouse at the Municipality of Noordenveld joins in: "In just a few hours, more than 60 interested visitors to Rolderwolde  gathered information and, as we count the numbers, results are promising. We had more than 60 visitors, 16 applications for made-to-measure advice, 50 appointments for thermal scans and 30 dates for an energy coach home visit. That's a  Saturday afternoon well spent," Roy continues. "Connecting people with the right organizations and helping them take the next steps."

And…this latest Energy Market has inspired another energetic neighbourhood to organize a similar event in their area. The renovation wave is gathering more and more momentum.