Sønderborg’s Energy Festival - an enlightening event

12 December 2022 - Published by Deirdre Buist
As the cold, dark days of winter close in, ProjectZero and the Muncipality of Sønderborg shone a light for locals at the Energy Saving Festival held on 24th November. More than 150 visitors, mainly homeowners, came to EUC Syd - South Jutland’s largest educational institution (Vocational Educational Centre), to be enlightened about how best to optimize their energy consumption.

Making the most of ProjectZero’s extensive stakeholder network, this Danish event focused on energy- and climate-saving advice for citizens and homeowners, combined with information on financing possibilities for retrofit projects. This is in line with the Stronghouse project’s approach to the support of homeowners during their customer journey.

ProjectZero Masterplan 2029 

At the Energy Saving Festival, a whole range of experts provided practical information on district heating, solar panels, heat pumps and high insulation windows and more. Together with the three district heating companies in the municipality who were also present, ProjectZero collaborates closely in Sønderborg's Heating Plan. This heating plan is a key  focus in the ProjectZero Masterplan 2029 and the roadmap to becoming CO2 neutral by the end of this decade.


At the Energy Saving Festival in Sønderborg

Controlling consumption & efficiency

Speaking about the event, ProjectZero’s CEO Brian Seeberg said: “We’ll experience many ups and downs during this energy crisis, influenced by global instability and the challenges we face during the transition to sustainable sources. Things won’t be resolved any day soon, so we must act where possible and take control. By optimizing energy consumption and efficiency, for example. We’ve all become increasingly aware of the impacts of climate change but, while this is still hard to grasp for many, current inflation and the soaring cost of living is more tangible. Whatever the personal motivation is, there are more than enough reasons for investing in energy saving measures now.”

Improving costs, comfort & performance

Anne Branderup, Stronghouse project coordinator agreed. “It is almost always worthwhile to make energy improvements in an older house. Any house from the 1970s or earlier that has not been thoroughly insulated will benefit from energy-saving measures. Just check your heating bill for an indication - it pays! Our partners at Videnshuset Bolius can provide homeowners with some simple rules of thumb, based on a number of parameters. Besides cutting the heating bill this will also give you a more comfortable indoor climate, it is a good investment even if you’re considering selling. The energy consumption of a property is a factor that many buyers care about and the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) has become more important, certainly in the past year.”

Local experts, craftsmen, businesses & banks

Besides advise on the potential savings  from Videnshuset Bolius and the Danish Energy Agency (, Sønderborg homeowners had the opportunity to update their retrofit knowledge, meet local craftsmen, installation companies and financial experts, including several banks. The festival was considered a great succes, considering the eager uptake of information, and a prime example of how best to engage with Stronghouse's target audience. 

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