Meet the Partners: iNudgeyou

02 November 2020 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Energy renovation is an essential part of the Danish ambitions for the reduction of C02 emissions in the coming years. So, it’s no surprise that Denmark is well represented in the Stronghouse consortium, on both Jutland (ProjectZero) and Zealand. Gate 21 coordinates a coalition of four co-beneficiaries on the Danes largest island – including iNudgeyou.

iNudgeyou is a research and consultancy company that specializes in applying behavioral research to develop and communicate evidence-based strategies with pro-social purposes. These strategies are based on the BASIC-framework (developed in collaboration with the OECD) that diagnostically links problems with behavioral insight solutions.


Why? Why not!

In the Stronghouse project, iNudgeyou provides behavioral insights that can help develop and leverage projects that reduce CO2-emissions. With the BASIC approach, researchers apply a cradle-to-cave diagnostic method to gain an understanding of why we do not see the desired behavior today (e.g. energy refurbishments) and how we can achieve it.

An energetic nudge

There are many good intentions and tools out there. iNudgeyou does exactly what it says. Their role is to make house owners use these tools by giving them an ‘energetic’ nudge in the right direction. These research consultants are working with the Danish Energy Administration on reducing homeowners’ barriers when considering energy efficient renovations and developing a new understanding of sustainable energy alternatives in the home.

iNudgeyou are very keen to test their proposed solutions and document how these work.This is important for efficient implementation and scaling, and will be of benefit to all partners involved in Stronghouse.


Read more about Gate 21 and the other Danish co-benificiaries:  Fredensborg Municipality, Albertslund Municipality, FORS A/S and iNudgeyou Aps