Meet the Partners – Videncentret Bolius

20 July 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
The coordinated efforts of ProjectZero in Sonderborg have resulted in a greater engagement of homeowners and energy saving than in any other Danish municipality. Our new Stronghouse partner, Videncentret Bolius (Homeowner Knowledge Centre), inspired by what they have witnessed in Sonderborg, is now following the ProjectZero example and unites with the municipalities of Skive, Middelfart and Helsingor in the project. Together they will join the Stronghouse ranks, supporting and motivating homeowners in the region in becoming more energy efficient and reducing their carbon footprint.

Within Stronghouse the new collaboration focusses particularly on heat conversion as part of energy renovation, aiming to improve the energy certificates of as many private households as possible. Currently about 60% of private homes are heated with a supply based on oil or natural gas. Analyses show that there is much to be gained, both by reducing energy consumption and converting to CO2-friendlier forms of heating, such as heat pumps and district heating. There is great interest in these sustainable alternatives as they not only benefit the climate but also the local community.

Stimulating green renovations

Commenting on the initiation of the project, Mayor Erik Lauritzen of Sonderborg says: “It is great to see other areas will benefit from our experiences. Since 2007, our efforts have focussed on stimulating energy efficiency amongst homeowners and motivating green renovations. This is done in close cooperation with all stakeholders - construction and installation companies, educational institutes, real estate agents and banks.” 

Expertise & exchange

Project Manager Henrik Dahlerup from Bolius adds: ”Videncentret Bolius offers homeowners impartial and free information and extensive insights about construction, renovation, improving indoor climate and more. Our expertise, broad reach amongst houseowners and extensive network will contribute significantly to strengthening communications with the Stronghouse target group. We’re very much looking forward to exchanging practices with our international partners.”

Public-private cooperation

“The green transition is based on cooperation across both the public and private sectors. The project is a great example of an integral approach,” says Dan Jorgensen, the Danish Minister of Climate, Energy and Public Utilities. This project, just launched, will run till the end of 2022. Goal is to gather concrete experiences and recommendations that will, in turn, inspire similar locally-based initiatives where homeowners undertake the energy transition journey together, shifting from fossil fuels to more sustainable sources.

“The joint efforts of Videncentret Bolius and these three municipalites will ensure a close dialogue with homeowners throughout the whole process and, in turn, will serve as a good example and inspiration for other local authorities to follow,” the Minister elaborates.


Read more about Videncentret Bolius (Homeowners Knowledge Centre) in Danish

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