Meet the Partners: Gate 21 & Co

27 October 2020 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Gate 21 is a partnership for green transition. This organization brings regions, municipalities, companies, and knowledge Institutions in Greater Copenhagen together to develop and demonstrate ways to a fundamental green transition of the community.



Wealth of experience

The 95 members of Gate 21 bring a wealth of experience in working on energy renovation, renewable energy and circular economy data to the Stronghouse project. This collaboration will contribute its experience with implementing the Danish Better Housing scheme, the Growth via Energy-Renovation programme for 20 municipalities and the Energy Service project. Not to mention the strengths and networks of all its members. All will be of great benefit during the implementation of Stronghouse.

New methods

By participating in the Stronghouse project, Gate21 hopes to gain new knowledge about the behavior of homeowners in relation to energy renovations, develop new methods to reach homeowners and enable actions, which will be of benefit to all members in the future.

Read more about Gate21’s co-benificiaries: Albertslund Municipality, Fredensborg Municipality, iNudgeyou and FORS A/S.