Meet the Partners: IGEMO

02 July 2020 - Published by Deirdre Buist
The Stronghouse project is well underway and while missing the face-to-face contact with our partners, we’ve discovered that online transnational cooperation is an excellent alternative. A ‘meet and greet’ is out of the question just now but we hope to introduce each partner and their contribution to the consortium along the way. Today the spotlight is on IGEMO.

IGEMO is an intermunicipal association in Belgium which supports homeowners in 9 different municipalities to implement energy -saving measures. Building on many years of experience in energy efficiency projects and stakeholder involvement, IGEMO coordinates the development of the regional Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP).

In Stronghouse, IGEMO will expand their expertise and continue raising citizen awareness about the potential of energy renovation. They aim to improve and redesign current measures and ease the pathway to energy efficiency for homeowners and communities.

Thermal imaging

IGEMO is focussing on thermal imaging, for example, to detect infrared radiation produced by warm objects, and thus map the heat loss of houses. This measuring and visualizing technique is very effective in convincing citizens to make their homes more energy efficient. Moreover, those who apply for such a scan also receive tailored advice about the possibilities and next steps.

Schools and volunteers are involved and, following a special training course, can also carry out such thermographic home scans. Furthermore, our Flemish partners organize group sessions on a local level to support homeowners in their first steps towards energy renovation.


Online platform

IGEMO is actively reaching out to engage citizens, for example through social media. Recently a market survey was launched to investigate the setup of a digital platform for people considering or busy with energy renovations. The idea behind this platform is to easily connect those in search of help with builders, technicians and other qualified energy-renovation companies.


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