Meet the Partners: Vives University College

13 January 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
The pandemic has made it very clear. We're living in a world with major challenges - on a social, economic, cultural, technological, ecological and political level. And we are interdependant. Now more than ever, coping with these challenges involves international cooperation and a sustainable orientation. This has always been a source of inspiration for Stronghouse partners at VIVES University of Applied Sciences.

VIVES is the largest university of applied sciences in West Flanders, with campuses in five student cities. Engaging in active dialogue, Vives University readily offers their expertise to external parties, contributing to innovations in professional practice on a regional, provincial, national and international level.


Implementing applied research

The Stronghouse consortium will profit fromVives’ expertise in the field of energy transition and renovation, as well as the implementation of applied research in sustainable techniques and eco-design. Insights gained from previous projects on energy renovation, such as Duurzame Thuis & See2Do!, will be shared and expanded upon in Stronghouse. In turn, experiences and knowledge gained from this project will be integrated in different student courses and further disseminated to businesses in order to facilitate the introduction of new and innovative methodologies. This is in keeping with the university’s view to improved energy efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction as part of their strong focus on climate (mitigation & adaptation) and sustainability in a regional and cross-border context.

Cooperating & co-creating

In Stronghouse, Vives contributes lessons learned in co-creating with SMEs, gained in See2Do! and other energy renovation projects. The university will also co-generate and design user-stories for homeowners and neighbourhoods to find relevant SMEs and implement these measures in combination with the online tools developed in the course of the project.

Visit the Vives website here