Meet the Partners: Linnaeus University

01 December 2020 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Open, creative minds are needed for the design and implementation of sustainable innovations to improve C02 reductions and resource efficiency. As Stronghouse partner Linnaeus University says: “Open your mind to new opportunities.”

High-level knowledge institutes and great minds are strongly represented in our consortium. Linnaeus University, Sweden, is one of the five participating universities. Their Sustainable Built Environment research group focusses on behavioural, market and policy analysis, as well as business models such as the One-Stop-Shop concept.


Research & analysis

Linnaeus also brings a large data collection and homeowner network to Stronghouse and they will contribute to the investigation of conditions that accelerate the energy renovation of Swedish detached houses. By sharing their research results from the Växjö region and bundling knowledge and experience with other partners, the project gains an improved understanding of the drivers for energy renovation.

Capacity building

Besides analysing the data from an energy renovation survey held amongst some 13000 respondents, the university will also develop and conduct capacity building workshops for homeowners. Furthermore, the research team will pursue the innovation journey by also contributing scientific evidence to support promotional strategies for energy renovation.

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