Meet the Partners: Robert Gordon University

19 October 2020 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen is a highly recognized Scottish knowledge institute and an important partner for the Stronghouse project. Together we aim to contribute to real changes for the future in terms of the energy transition. The university’s knowledge and capacity in energy retrofitting is a valuable asset and will enhance the exchange between academia, municipalities and the private sector across the North Sea region.

Within the project RGU will mainly contribute by developing an App or web-based tool to assist homeowners to make the best decision when undertaking an energy Improvement project in their home. In this the university will work closely with Orkney Island Council.

Housing typologies and construction types are variants that often direct solutions offered by, for example, insulation companies. Not all homeowners are familiar with what is driving these solutions and these may not always be the most appropriate for their own situation.

Scott Sutherland School

Sustainable Housing is one of the four primary areas of research undertaken in the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture & Built Environment, one of the oldest Schools of its kind in the UK. The school plays an important role in the Stronghouse project and contributes a strong social ethos - with research underpinning all activities.

Recognized success

In collaboration with the construction industry, Robert Gordon University has elaborated on many innovative solutions in various research projects and is recognized both nationally and internationally through various successful  demonstration projects with the industry.

The university is continually in discussion with insulation installers and manufacturers to develop appropriate solutions for different types of buildings – with a focus on the most vulnerable.


RGU contacts:

Dr Amar Bennadji – Principal Investigator:


Andy Grinnall – Stronghouse project manager for RGU and co-beneficiary: