Stronghouse - Get the picture

14 April 2022 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Climate Change, Europe, Paris, CO2 Emissions, Energy Transition, Renovation Wave, Interreg North Sea Region, Stronghouse, 26 partners, Sonderborg (DK), Personas, Customer Journey, Noordenveld (NL), Neighbourhoods, Energy Communities, Transnational Exchange and Cooperation. Do you get the picture?

Take a look at  our short explanatory film to see what the connection is and find out more about the Stronghouse perspective.

Real impact

"We are translating the EU climate agreements, strategies and policies into the concrete situation of individual homeowners and neighbourhoods to create real, bottom-up renovation momentum,” says Project Coordinator Hein Braaksma. "The Stronghouse project is having real impact, as  can be seen in our most recent report figures. So far we've achieved a reduction of 17.2 kton CO2 emissions,  more than 14,000 homes have already been renovated and investments  currently exceed €150 million. And we're  still counting!"

Watch the Stronghouse explanatory 

"Are you a stakeholder in the process of making existing housing stock more sustainable? And do you want to contribute more effectively to the objectives of the Paris Agreement and Climate Change? Think of the people you want to reach – think in Personas and improve their customer journey.  Join the Stronghouse partners in making more impact!"

Read more about the Stronghouse approach here.