Meet the Partners: Spring

08 December 2020 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Spring is a digital agency based in Stockholm, Sweden, where an international pool of creative, technical and business-oriented talent works on the co-design of innovative IT solutions for societal issues. Connecting factor of this compendium of skills is a shared passion for digital innovation and the desire to – putting it simply - make the world a better place.


Together with their clients, Spring covers the full design process, from the initial concept to design, development,  market introduction and scaling.

Digital learning community

Through Stronghouse, this innovative IT-design company joins a learning community on digital empowerment for sustainability. Spring works closely with users, citizens and researchers to co-create relevant self-assessment tools to engage and facilitate homeowners on their energy renovation journey. Together with the University of Gothenburg, the Robert Gordon University and IMEGO, Spring will also further develop existing tools, contributing their experience with trust-building blockchain technology and digital adoption campaigns.

Blockchain & synergies

Together with our partner from the University of Gothenburg, Spring is also a partner in the Interreg BLING project (Blockchain in Government) where they cooperate in co-developing and testing smart, safe IT solutions for government issues. The Stronghouse  consortium will benefit from such synergies and  use distributed ledger technologies to create new ways of making financial instruments available for homeowners looking to fund their green renovation. Focus is on the assessment part.Spring hopes to gain new insights in terms of the alignment of citizens’ concerns and climate goals with digital solutions

You can read more about Spring and some of their smart software design successes here.