The Hydrogen Potential – an innovative Stronghouse pilot

22 June 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
As a result of the recent news that Stronghouse has received an extension, the project can now build on its existing capacity, with five new partners. Concretely this means the consortium can undertake additional activities and produce more outputs – including an exciting new pilot! This innovative Stronghouse pilot, with partners from the Province of Drenthe, the Municipality of Hoogeveen, Stad Bremerhaven, Bremerhaven Hydrogen and Vives University, acts on the potential of hydrogen for home heating.

Green hydrogen heating

The new Stronghouse transnational pilot will implement support measures for the use of green hydrogen as a sustainable energy source for homeowners. Also, with new partners Bremerhaven Hydrogen and the Municipality of Hoogeveen, Stronghouse will:

  • Deliver instruments that enable homeowners to switch  to hydrogen as a sustainable energy source or means to store locally produced sustainable energy.

  • Develop a specific hydrogen neighbourhood approach, while also creating a new market for local SMEs.

  • Demonstrate a hydrogen adoption strategy together with local partners, creating ownership for homeowners and local enterprises.

Introducing new partners

We’ll keep you updated on this innovative pilot and provide you with more background on the role of each partner, as well their contributions. We will also briefly introduce our new partners, starting with the Dutch Municipality of Hoogeveen – Meet the New Partners.