Roeselare is in the hood – an energizing holistic approach

12 September 2022 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Eating or heating - it sounds dramatic. But as fuel and energy costs rise exponentially, many people across Europe are facing the real threat of energy poverty this winter. This daunting challenge requires a holistic approach, whereby government authorities work closely with communities, industry and research institutes to find sustainable solutions. Stronghouse uses this all-inclusive approach to support homeowners during their individual energy transition. Our partners at the City of Roeselare, for example, are working together with the locals and key stakeholders in the community on their neighbourhood energy-renovation programme. Roeselare is in the hood!

Demonstration house

Within the context of Stronghouse, and as part of a broader energy renovation and sustainability programme in the ‘Verzonken Kasteel’, the authorities in Roeselare have set up a demonstration house in the neighbourhood,  together with the industry and local affiliates.  This house provides a stage for professionals to give a more direct energy-efficiency and renovation advice to homeowners and tenants in the community. 

Raising awareness

By raising awareness in terms of power-slurping appliances and behavioural measures that can effectively cut energy consumption, the local consortium aims not only to help residents save money but also to create a healthy indoor climate and make more sustainable energy choices. Workshops are organized regularly to engage with homeowners. Moreover,  data-collecting sensors and dongles have also been provided so that citizens can do their own home check, and identify potential energy leaks and high power-use devices.


Data collection gives insight into  energy use

Stronger together

Working together, raising awareness, creating a sense of agency and supporting those most in need are all crucial when confronting the current and future energy challenges. Together we’re stronger!