Meet the Partners: FORS A/S & Green Pulse

11 November 2020 - Published by Deirdre Buist
FORS A/S is a Danish regional utility provider and another co-beneficiary under the guidance of Gate 21 in the Stronghouse project. Within the framework of ‘Green Pulse’, FORS promotes energy renovations and guides private households and businesses towards optimal energy efficiency with regards to their heating installations. This customer-focused approach is also undertaken in cooperation with local authorities and SMEs.

Green Pulse

By participating in Stronghouse, FORS A/S and the Green Pulse partnership wants to further enhance their understanding of the drivers that motivate individual homeowners to invest in energy renovation. By exchanging transnational experience and knowledge with other Stronghouse partners and co-developing improved tools to assess energy renovation possibilities, FORS also aims to build further on existing coalitions with municipalities, SMEs and homeowner associations. Together with the local Municipality of Roskilde, ErhvervsFORUM Roskilde (chamber of commerce) and Boligselskabet Sjælland (housing association), amongst others, they hope to create a greater impact and widespread adoption of energy efficient measures in their area.

Triggering tools

FORS A/S and Green Pulse also want to develop financing tools for energy screenings. These tools are needed to trigger homeowners to retrofit their homes.  The Green Pulse partnership will further develop and implement through testing, user dialogues and fine-tuning during the course of the Stronghouse project.