Riding the Renovation Wave

21 October 2020 - Published by Deirdre Buist
During his presentation of the State of the Energy Union on 14th October, Frans Timmermans -Vice-President for the European Commissioner and Executive Vice president for the Green Deal - officially launched the European Renovation Wave. Stronghouse, supported by the Interreg North Sea Region Programme, is riding that renovation wave!



According to Timmermans, an analysis of the national energy and climate plans shows that Europe can meet its ambitious climate targets. Energy efficiency plays an important role in this, whereby reducing energy consumption is a must. Renovation (retrofitting) offers huge opportunities and allows people to actively participate in achieving a long-term goal – with short-term results.

Everyone can join the ride

The renovation wave is something that everyone can join in and benefit from. In Stronghouse we focus on the end-user, on social cohesion through ‘energy communities’ and a neighbourhood approach. We aim to engage and support homeowners on their journey towards energy efficient living by, for example, offering insight into and understanding of their current energy consumption with digital tools.

Smart cooperations & combinations

The Stronghouse consortium is also developing new and improved strategies to finance, organize, implement and adopt products, services and processes to reduce the CO2 emissions of communities all across Europe. There is no one solution to the challenges we face. Using the knowledge and experience of our multi-disciplinary partnership we aim to create smart cooperations and combinations – a mix of energy efficiency and renewable energy forms.

Together with Frans Timmermans, we’re crashing through some barriers, surfing the Energy Renovation Wave and aim to be part of a decarbonized  landing for Europe in the future. 


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