Meet the Partners: Fredensborg Municipality

10 November 2020 - Published by Deirdre Buist
As a co-beneficiary in Stronghouse, Fredensborg Municipality is looking for the most effective ways to renovate their building stock with a view to a zero-emissions future for their community. Together with local stakeholders and other co-beneficiaries from Greater Copenhagen, they will contribute to the Stronghouse methods to motivate and support homeowners in the energy renovation of their homes.

Goals & strategy

Located just 30 km north of Copenhagen, Fredensborg has had an ambitious energy strategy since 2010, with an initial goal of 25% C02 reduction by 2020. Confident that this goal is in reach, they have now agreed ambitions with the whole Region of Copenhagen: CO2-neutral in terms of electricity and heat by 2035 and a CO2-neutral transport sector by 2050.

Engaging citizens

The Municipality has already taken great steps in renovating their own buildings. Now Fredensborg is increasingly successful in engaging and enabling their citizens (currently 40,500) and improving access for local SMEs to the market. This role makes it possible and effective to test ideas and solutions in real life. One practical example: by offering free energy audits the municipality has already achieved a total C02 reduction of more than 6 million Tons per year.



 The Stronghouse partners are keen to learn and share more with the Fredensborg community so that we can all make the energy transition for homeowners as smooth as possible.