Drenthe's succes with Energy Webinars

22 April 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
The Province of Drenthe, Lead Partner in Stronghouse, plays an important role in the implementation of the Drents Energieloket initiative. The Energieloket platform has been developed to provide homeowners with independent, free advice on energy savings and the possibilities for a transition to renewable energy sources.

In depth information is made easily available to inhabitants of this Dutch - predominantly rural - region on a full range of energy-saving measures This includes a step-by-step guide, potential financial tools and subsidies and applicabiltiy or eligibility on a local level.


Energy renovation experts discuss options during webinar

Upsurge of interest

Recently, the Drents Energieloket has noticed a significant upsurge in the number of homeowners now interested in energy renovations. Understandably, this heightened awareness leads to many questions. Which is why the platform organized a series of four instructive webinars, providing a clear overview of the technical possibilities and available funding for homeowners in Drenthe. During the live sessions there was sufficient opportunity to interact with a panel of experts in the various fields.

Themed webinars

The four webinars have been developed per theme:

  • Financial tools: regulations, subsidies and other ‘green’ funding.

  • Insulation: floor to roof insulation options – glass, cavity walls, floor and loft, per house type.

  • Ventilation: in combination with heating – a healthy home environment, warm and aired.

  • Solar energy: buying solar panels, return on investment, optimizing use, replacement.  

Easy access

The last in the series of webinars was held online on 21st April and initial reactions have been very positive. More than 500 participants joined the live stream or have viewed later. These digital information meetings clearly answer a need, providing homeowners with an opportunity to easily access relevant information as they consider the ins and outs of energy renovation while designing their personal retrofit project.


Dutch readers can visit the Drents Energieloket here