SAVE THE DATE - The Stronghouse Final Conference

24 April 2023 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Take note and save the date! Are you a stakeholder in the energy renovation sector? We are happy to announce that the Stronghouse Final Conference will be held on 6th June in the province of Drenthe, The Netherlands.

During this event you can learn more about:

  • Different Stronghouse solutions developed during the course of the      project
  • Expert views on the Stronghouse approach to energy renovation
  • The big picture in terms of sustainable housing & living
  • Project highlights, partners' priorities and future perspectives.

Energy efficiency & carbon reduction

Since approval in 2019, the Stronghouse consortium, consisting of 19 partners and 7 sub-partners from 6 countries in the North Sea Region, has worked unitedly to support and motivate homeowners – individually and on a neighbourhood level. Recent world events have heavily impacted and accelerated the need for a fast and just energy transition, also rocketing the demand for guidance. The partners share the ambition of the EU Renovation Wave, paving a way towards energy efficiency and carbon reduction while offering a valuable contribution to the  Europe's long-term sustainability goals for a net-zero emissions future. 

Supporting homeowners

Stronghouse has developed innovative digital tools and strategies, and redesigned measures to assist homeowners in their journey from initial interest, to planning, financing and contracting  skilled craftsmen for energy renovation projects. The partners are keen to share key results and experience with energy transition stakeholders, associates and interested parties.

Find out more and please join us at:

The Stronghouse Final Conference in  Assen on 6th June.

Save the date! A detailed programme will follow shortly.