Surf along on the Renovation Wave

12 October 2021 - Published by Hein Braaksma 2
Almost a hundred Dutch energy professionals got up to speed about the European Renovation Wave on 9 September. What does this European Commission strategy mean for Dutch neighborhoods and districts? How can we make more homes more sustainable together?

European ambition and Dutch standards

The Dutch national envoy for sustainable building, Robert Dijksterhuis, opened the event with an outline of what the European Strategy means for Dutch practice. CO2 emissions are becoming more expensive for energy suppliers. Also because of that, the share of renewable energy must be increased to 40% by 2030. Here, and in the field of energy efficiency, public institutions must lead the way. At the same time, national governments, together with local and regional partners, must and want to help homeowners to make them more sustainable, with extra attention to preventing energy poverty. Watch the presentation (in Dutch) by Robert Dijksterhuis here.

Support for owners and corporations

The Dutch provinces of Drenthe and Overijssel already work with great enthusiasm on the Renovation Wave in their regions. Drenthe does this with the European Stronghouse project, which focuses on individual homeowners. See here or on this website how a better understanding of a homeowner's wants and needs leads to a more effective customer journey and therefore more renovations. Overijssel focuses on housing associations in the European INDU-ZERO project. Watch here the presentation of the industrial INDU-ZERO solution for lower costs and faster, more renovations.

Inspiration for more speed

The Renovation Wave aims to double the number of renovations across Europe. In doing so, we can benefit from the experiences of others, we can learn from best practices. For example, housing corporation Domijn is already working with industrial renovation packages, followed by the Energiesprong with new standard solutions. In Denmark, the municipality of Sonderborg and its ProjectZero have already helped citizens and companies realize a more than 50% reduction in CO2 emissions since 2007. In the Netherlands, Drenthe and Overijssel are working on accelerating the energy transition via the Drents Energieloket and Transform. Finally, the WOAB housing subscription helps tenants and homeowners work together on neighbourhood wide renovation.

You renovate together

Sustainability is not something you do alone. This applies to homeowners, corporations, and tenants. And that also applies to all professionals and organizations that help them to make this renovation possible. More renovations, therefore, mean even more and, above all, even better cooperation. INDU-ZERO, Stronghouse, the provinces of Overijssel and Drenthe want to renovate faster with you. How can we help you?

Ulla-Britt Kramer

INDU-ZERO Province of Overijssel

Hein Braaksma

Stronghouse Province of Drenthe