Ready for more? Stage 3 of the Stronghouse E-learning Course

28 November 2022 - Published by Deirdre Buist
The Stronghouse E-learning Course Stage 3 is now online! While the previous course dealt with raising awareness amongst homeowners, this latest section focuses on how to drive the message home by encouraging homeowners to act on their interest.

Being aware and having information about energy renovation is one thing. Becoming interested is often a next step. We all know how difficult it can be to take action - there's always something else distracting us.  The Stronghouse challenge is to keep the homeowners’ attention and  encourage their heightened interest in energy renovation. 

In the previous stages of the customer journey, we learned how important it is to know the homeowner you’re engaging with. We discovered how the persona tool helps to focus campaigns and provide the right  advice for individuals. Having caught the attention of these personas,  and made them aware of the potential benefits of energy renovation, the next step is to drive the message home. 

Check it out:  Stronghouse E-learning Course Stage 3 - Driving the message home.