Energy Market in Noordenveld – a great success!

15 February 2023 - Published by Deirdre Buist
On 11th February, Stronghouse partners in Drenthe once again joined forces with other energy initiatives in the area to organize the Energy Market in Noordenveld. This gathering focused on the how, why and wherefore of energy renovation in the home. Energy efficiency and sustainable energy sources remain a hot topic – interest and attendance was high.

More than 250 participants from the local community were treated to presentations on solar panels, live sessions with thermal scans and more. Hands-on advice was available from our Drents EnergieLoket (DEL) experts, as well as stands representing a whole range of relevant regional stakeholders such as retrofit businesses, technicians, installers and real estate brokers. Moreover, it was the perfect opportunity for citizens to have face-to-face consultations and  exchange retrofit experiences with other 'customers'. Providing improved insight into the  sustainable energy options and smart solutions currently available.

Collaboration & community

Energiecoöperatie  Noordseveld  also used this platform to share how, working together with the Municipality Noordenveld on a citizen-based energy collaboration, they are strengthening their community by pooling renewable energy sources. Noordseveld is the owner of the Halo in Langelo, a small solar park in the province of Drenthe which supplies energy to more than four hundred households.

Successful  support 

All in all, the high number of interested ‘energy renovation shoppers’ and keen exchange of information were clear indications of success for Stronghouse’s active support of homeowners in the region.