Meet the Partners: The Province of Drenthe

21 July 2020 - Published by Deirdre Buist
In the Stronghouse partner line-up, the Province of Drenthe has a leading role - literally. This regional government authority in the north of the Netherlands is no stranger to the North Sea Region Interreg Programme. Drenthe is Lead Beneficiary for the Stronghouse project - among others - and has more than two decades of experience in European transnational cooperation projects focussing on EU priorities. Climate change (mitigation and adaptation) and the energy transition are now high on the agenda.

The Energy Expedition

From an energy perspective, Drenthe wants to be fossil-fuel free, energy neutral and self-sufficient by 2040. To facilitate this ambition, the Province designed the ‘Energy Expedition’ programme in 2016, working together with all relevant stakeholders in the region. Processes in this programme are enabled by supporters, knowledge institutes and advisors.

The Energy Expedition is structured to include six ‘Acceleration Teams’ comprised of local and regional authorities, housing corporations, tenant organisations, energy co-operations, companies and an Energy Service Counter (Drents Energieloket). This service counter can be seen as a one-stop-shop for homeowners looking to retrofit.


Independent advice & guidance

The Drents Energieloket is a collaboration between the Province and 12 municipalities. Together they provide a service for private homeowners and ensure this target group finds its way on route to more sustainable, energy-efficient living. The Drents Energieloket provides a ‘map’ with free and independent advice, a step-by-step guide to financing tools, subsidies, installation companies and more. They also organize local meetings and collective purchasing actions (e.g. insulation materials and solar panels).

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Sharing knowledge & experience

In Stronghouse, Drenthe will share a broad experience of loan schemes for energy renovations undertaken by individual homeowners, their neighbourhood approach, energy cooperative set-ups and good campaigning practice within the Energy Expedition. As partner, the Province of Drenthe believes the Stronghouse cooperation and exchange of knowledge will greatly benefit their existing methods and open up the market represented by individual homeowners to products, services and processes related to energy renovation. Drenthe also wants to implement new digital tools, empowering homeowners to asses the possibilities and impact of various renovations measures. Here again, other partners in our consortium have valuable expertise to contribute.

Supported through Stronghouse, Drenthe is ultimately aiming to make 6000 individual homes more energy efficient as part of their Energy Expedition.

You can find the Energy Expedition flyer in English here

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