Stronghouse & the EU Green Week – contributing to a net-zero future

16 May 2023 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Coinciding with the Stronghouse Final Conference and Partner Meeting taking place on 6th- 7th June, the European Green Week 2023 will also be taking place in Brussels. The EU Green Weeks provides an opportunity to hear and discuss the latest environmental policies and the ambitions set for long-term sustainability on biodiversity, circular economy, and zero emissions, while also enhancing resilient and just societies in Europe.

Since its initiation, the Stronghouse project has shared these overall ambitions, with a particular focus on reducing CO2 by supporting individual homeowners and energy communities on route to energy efficiency and energy renovation.

Awareness, education, support

At the official project  kick-off in 2020, the main goal of the Stronghouse consortium was to raise awareness, educate and support a specific target group - homeowners - based on the principles of the Customer Journey, thus accelerating the transition to sustainable energy options in the home. Using this framework, the partners developed a set of Personas to assist in mapping motivations and needs. 

Relevance & results

However, global affairs – first the COVID-pandemic followed by the war in Ukraine – significantly impacted awareness  and a sense of urgency in terms of shifting towards greener, more efficient, energy options. This has also influenced the project, heightening its relevance and escalating its results as the demand for support  has rocketed in recent years.

Highlighting 'green' skills & tools

In tandem with the EU Green Weeks, the Stronghouse Final Conference will focus on highlighting ‘green’ skills that empower people to join and contribute to the green transition. Stronghouse partners will present a selection from the wide range of tools developed, modified and adapted by the consortium during the project's lifetime to engage, enable and empower homeowners. Such tools include:

And much, much more! Besides celebrating  Stronghouse results and highlighting the progress already made in the green transition, invited speakers will also present their views on how to inspire further action towards a net-zero future.


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