The Stronghouse E-learning Stage 5 - talking about the money

16 May 2023 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Homeowners have different options and requirements in terms of funding, depending on the scale and costs of their potential energy renovation project and the planned measures to be implemented. Even those with own means to invest are interested in grants or specific green finance options. In Stage 5 of the Stronghouse E-learning we talk about the money!
  • Stage 5 of the Stronghouse E-learning Course deals with the financial aspects of energy renovation and retrofit for homeowners. 

    In the previous stages of the course, following the Customer Journey, professionals in the sector have learned how important it is to engage with the homeowner. Moreover, the Persona tool is effective when focussing campaigns and providing individual advice. Once the  homeowner is ready to take active steps in energy renovation the question arises..."how do we pay for all this?"


    Some take-aways 

    Here is a hint of what you can learn more about this topic in Stage 5 of the Stronghouse E-learning Course.

    Many homeowners, even those with a high financial capacity – are interested in financial support: loans, grants or specific green finance schemes. Decisions depend on the extent and total costs of the renovation.

    On the national, regional and local level, financial support schemes are aligned with specific challenges in the regions and target specific types of renovations.

    Private banks increasingly offer green loans with lower interest rates. These  often require a visible reduction of CO2 following the energy renovation. Bank advisors with relevant energy renovation knowledge are a big asset.

    Offer a package: providing links to financial schemes for energy renovation in other stages in the Customer Journey to Energy Efficient Housing helps homeowners to make informed decisions during the selection of the right renovation measures.