Stronghouse E-learning Courses - Let's get started!

As part of the Stronghouse project, e-Learning courses are under development to identify the starting point of the Customer Journey towards energy renovation for homeowners and those supporting them on that journey, such as local and regional authorities, NGOs, energy advisors, contractors and banks.

The renovation of both public and private buildings is highlighted in the European Green Deal as a key action to speed up energy-efficient housing in the sector. However, for homeowners it’s a long road from initial interest to successful renovation. Understanding their journey is essential for effective support, and thus for speeding up the rate of energy renovation.


Instruments & guiding measures

The e-Learning courses provide an overview of instruments and tools to assist energy stakeholders from all sectors to enable homeowners to invest in energy efficient housing, as well as guiding measures to assess their energy renovation potential and finance eligibility. Furthermore, good practice examples are introduced.

Building on Stronghouse results & experience

The e-learning courses are free and build on the results and experience of the North Sea Region Interreg project Stronghouse and its partners. You can follow whole courses and the Customer Journey in one go or just do a few modules at a time - whatever suits! 

To get started just click on one of the Stronghouse E-Learning Courses below. New stages will be activated regularly - and of course we'll tip you directly when.