Stronghouse is awarded extension

15 June 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
We are very pleased to announce that the Stronghouse project has been awarded a project extension in Call 12 by the Steering Committee of the Interreg NSR Programme. For the partnership this is appreciated as a recognition of achievements so far and great encouragement to continue improving our multi-facetted support of individual homeowners across the North Sea region in their transition towards energy efficiency and reduced CO2 when home renovating. The Stronghouse lifespan has now been prolonged till 2023, providing the consortium with amplified opportunities to engage citizens with the Renovation Wave.

Both to meet the EU emission goals and to help kick-start our regional economies post COVID-19, energy renovation must be accelerated. The Stronghouse insights into the drivers of individual homeowners are already paying-off, as can be seen in the latest progress report.  While redesigning and improving support measures, the partners have also identified additional stakeholders, target groups and promising connections with relevant EU priorities such as hydrogen as an energy source, for example.

Expanded partnership

Now, with a sixth-month extension in place, the consortium will also be expanded to include a number of new parties, each bringing individual expertise to the table and complementing that of the consortium. Stronghouse warmly welcomes:

  • The Municipality of Hoogeveen

  • The City of Ghent

  • The Federation for Nature & Environment Drenthe

  • H2BX Bremerhaven

  • EON Customer Solutions

  • Bolius Knowledge Centre

  • Kishorn Insulation

Digital empowerment, nudging, agile

Together we aim to act further on the extra sense of urgency experienced during the pandemic-related restrictions. The Stronghouse strategy of digital empowerment, nudging and agile working will help develop the digital customer journey further for even more impact. We will also increase activities, which will all translate into improving the significant results already achieved.

New pilot, new activities, new target groups

Stronghouse is planning a new pilot based on the potential of green hydrogen as a sustainable energy source for homeowners. Extra activities include the advancement of a self-assessment tool to improve the homeowner’ insight into their technical and financial potential in terms of energy renovation. The consortium has also identified new areas where additional, tailored support is required and will develop trusted tools to facilitate these new target groups.

Highly motivated

There is a lot of work to be done and a lot to look forward to. Fortified by the recognition this project extension symbolizes, the Stronghouse partners are highly motivated to journey onwards, together with all stakeholders. Our energy expedition is aiming for the renovation top!

You can follow our progress on the project webspace, Twitter and LinkedIn or subscribe to the Stronghouse Newsletter for a quick fix of the highlights.