Laying a solid foundation for the energy transition

22 February 2023 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Let’s not forget context and relevance. The past year has been a turbulent one in terms of energy supplies and soaring prices. Following a wide range of emergency measures to protect the most vulnerable households, Europe is now exploring more long-term solutions for the current crisis, laying a solid foundation for the renewable energy transition. Meanwhile, the Stronghouse consortium continues to work on the ground, focusing on the needs and desires of homeowners on their path to increased energy efficiency and sustainable options.

The impact of the war in Ukraine on Europe’s energy transition is undeniable. This winter, the gas demand dropped by 20%, according to Eurotstat,  while wind and solar power generated a record 22% of Europe’s electricity in 2022. To quote EU climate chief Frans Timmermans: “We are seeing a remarkable acceleration in the pace with which renewable energy is being built,” as renewables overtook gas in power generation for first time in 2022. Now, the EU have announced that up to €150 billion in public finance will be made available to help the poorest households with energy renovation of their homes.

Accessible advice, transparent tools

Current affairs have had a major effect on the demand for alternatives and energy-saving measures. As citizens scramble to gain more insight into their options, Stronghouse is a veritable powerhouse of activities, setting up accessible, transparent advisory tools and support instruments.

The increasing demand for energy renovation, combined with a shortage of skilled personnel and materials, means the Stronghouse Customer Journey has become even more important. More than ever, homeowners, contractors and authorities cannot afford to lose time and energy on inefficiency. In fact, with rising energy costs, there is a heightened urgency.  Over the past three years, Stronghouse has been working on targeted information and solutions for homeowners, improving paths from awareness to finance to renovation and implemention.  

Progress & highlights

The Stronghouse project has been making excellent progress as partners approach the renovation wave from many angles. Some recent news highlights indicating this broad approach include:

  • Swedish partners from Linnaeus University and award-winning Klimatfastigheter Smaland BV have set up a one-stop-shop concept, integrating energy renovation services and facilitators. This enabling framework, has been breaking down some energy renovation barriers for homeowners.
  • Partners from atene Kom continue their support by offering targeted information -  the Stronghouse E-Learning Course - Stage 3 is online!
  • In the Netherlands, Noordenveld, DEL and Drenthe continue to organize, join and present at an array of informative, energy renovation events including  energy festivals, markets and webinars. Danish partner ProjectZero is doing the same. This hands on method is just one of the many customer-oriented ways to engage with and enable the target group.
  • The Municipality of Hoogeveen is focusing on hydrogen from green energy as an alternative source for home heating and is currently organizing a transnational event, inviting stakeholders and experts from the partner regions to share experience and knowledge during a tour of H2 innovations.

Getting to the root

“Times they are a changing…” and change is never easy. If 2022 was a year of global crisis, energy poverty, emergency measures and EU solidarity, then 2023 must mark the start of real steps in the energy transition as we shift more and more towards renewable sources. Stronghouse features in addressing the root problem for and with homeowners – and with all the ambition of the Renovation Wave.