Stronghouse at Dutch Annual Sustainable Building Congress

28 June 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
On Thursday July 1st, our partners from the Municipality of Noordenveld will introduce the Stronghouse project and share their neighbourhood approach to energy renovation from the perspective of individual homeowners at the 12th edition of the Duurzaam Gebouwd Congres 2021.This largescale Dutch annual meeting is the perfect platform to join the transition discussions with other energy enthousiasts, in relation to the building sector. The online event offers a range of inspirational sessions, providing practical tools and insights.

Sustainabilty in terms of the energy transition must be grounded in the larger quest for solutions to the challenges posed by climate change. This then connects with the attitudes and experiences of the general public, residents, homeowners and tenants. To connect these two worlds and accelerate energy renovations, there are a number of European projects, including Stronghouse and INDU-ZERO working on new concepts. These projects are cooperating increasingly, and both are presenting at this ‘Sustainable Building Congress 2021’.

Acceleratiing: Corporations as engine for the individual and visa versa.

While Stronghouse works from the perspective of individual homeowners, their needs and financial possibilities, INDU-ZERO focusses on industrial solutions for large groups and housing projects. They meet most in neighbourhoods and districts where former council housing has been sold to individuals, for example. The perfect opportunity to engage with and facilitate tenants, housing corporations and individual homeowners to renovate side by side, thus generating significant savings.

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