Meet the Partners: The University of Gothenburg

06 January 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
As partner in the Stronghouse project, the University of Gothenburg will participate in co-designing an online self-assessment tool. This tool will support individual homeowners looking into energy renovation possibilities and green finance eligibility, as well as calculating and monitoring potential CO2 reduction.

The University of Gothenburg is a large and inspiring work and study environment for almost 48,000 students. Its ever-expanding IT Division will contribute relevant experience and expertise in digital innovation to energy renovation. Together with partners from the Robert Gordon University, Spring and IGEMO, they will work closely with stakeholders from all sectors.



The university will use blockchain technology to build a trusted framework between homeowners, neighbourhoods and (green) financers. Stronghouse enables the university to implement and further expand its experience and expertise with blockchain. Digital innovation has an enormous potential in terms of the empowerment of citizens and homeowners on the road to energy renovation. This Swedish partner is also part of the BLING project (BLockchain IN Government) under the Interreg North Sea Region Programme.



By working with the Stronghouse consortium, the University of Gothenburg will benefit from improved insights into the drivers for homeowners regarding retrofitting, enhanced knowledge in terms of sustainable energy-renovation possibilities and the opportunity to team up with other experts in the field. On the other hand, the partnership will profit from their knowledgeable contributions when developing user stories, and designing and testing the online tool for homeowners and neighbourhoods.

Finally, Gothenburg’s extensive national network will be of great value during the implementation phase. We’re happy to have them on board!

Visit the University of Gothenburg  website here.