One-Stop-Shop: a viable business model?

27 June 2022

Home heating is a seriously hot item these days. The energy efficiency of buildings is not only an important priority for the European Union but citizens are now increasingly aware of the need to ada…

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Grass roots initiative in Bremerhaven

16 June 2022

The Climate Mile "Alte Bürger" in Bremerhaven, a sub-project supported by Stronghouse, has been generating great interest in the regional press and inspiring more than just the locals. This energy r…

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Stronghouse is ‘scooping the impact’

08 June 2022

Just looking at the numbers, there is no denying the great successes currently being booked as the Stronghouse project progresses. This was visualized during the North Sea Region Annual Conference in…

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Noordenveld's Energy Café - a neighbourhood event

09 May 2022

Now that physical meetings are possible once more, the Municipality of Noordenveld held their first ‘Energy Café’ in the community centre of Roderwolde on 29th March. This informative session attrac…

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Sønderborg is one in a hundred!

09 May 2022

What a great recognition for the efforts of Sønderborg Municipality and our partners at ProjectZero! The EU City Mission programme under the European Commission has selected Sønderborg as one of 100 …

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How cool is this! Stronghouse partners finally meet

22 April 2022

As the Stronghouse project kicked off almost simultaneously with the first pandemic lockdown, the collaboration has faced the extra challenge, like many others, of cooperating transnationally exclusi…

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Stronghouse - Get the picture

14 April 2022

Climate Change, Europe, Paris, CO2 Emissions, Energy Transition, Renovation Wave, Interreg North Sea Region, Stronghouse, 26 partners, Sonderborg (DK), Personas, Customer Journey, Noordenveld (NL), N…

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Mixed Reality – a retrofit revolution!

30 March 2022

Stronghouse knowledge partners from the Robert Gordon University (RGU) are driving a real retrofit revolution as they combine virtual and physical realities into one space. Mixed Reality (MR) offers a…

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Stronghouse E-learning – Let’s get started!

22 March 2022

We recently announced the imminent launch of the Stronghouse E-learning Courses, co-created by the Stronghouse consortium. These courses identify the various stages of the Customer Journey towards en…

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Launching the Stronghouse E-learning Courses

16 March 2022

Great news from our colleagues at atene KOM GmbH! With just some last minute fine-tuning to do, we are almost ready to launch the first of ten Stronghouse E-learning courses. This training has been co…

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