Meet the Partners - H2BX

08 September 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
When introducing Stronghouse partner H2BX, the name may seem a little cryptic, but this organization stands for hydrogen (H2) in the Bremerhaven (BX) region. Hydrogen and fuel-cell technology is hot and happening and H2BX is seen as a frontrunner in the field. Their knowledge, experience and network is in high demand with regional partners and considered a great asset to the Stronghouse collaboration.

Hydrogen and fuel-cell technology has many advantages for the environment, is climate-friendly, conserves resources and makes energy storage possible. Hydrogen can also be converted into synthetic natural gas. The H2BX network, with more than 100 relevant stakeholders in green hydrogen in the Bremerhaven region, stands for information transfer, the promotion of education and science, technology-oriented research and applied development.

Transnational hydrogen pilot

In the new transnational Stronghouse pilot, the partners will benefit from the involvement of local stakeholders. In turn, H2BX will gain from the insights into the drivers and concerns of individual homeowners in terms of energy renovation. Together with the Municipality of Hoogeveen, Vives, the City of Bremerhaven and the Province of Drenthe, H2BX will develop an adoption strategy, taking both the technical and regulatory challenges of hydrogen into account - not forgetting the enormous potential for greening the local and regional economy. The pilot aims to enable homeowners to switch to hydrogen as an energy source or a means to store locally produced renewable energy. These measures will fit a specific ‘hydrogen neighbourhood’ approach.

Gaining  European perspective

Although new to EU co-funded projects, H2BX has a strong culture of co-creation and they are eager to extend this to the North Sea Region, guided by our partners at the City of Bremerhaven. Through Stronghouse, the H2BX organization gains a wider, European perspective, relating more to the EU Green Deal and EU hydrogen priorities and policies.

You can read more about H2BX here