Meet the Partners: ProjectZero

19 August 2020 - Published by Deirdre Buist
The challenges we currently face on a global scale have underlined the urgent need for change. Real change must come through cooperating on all levels. In terms of mitigating the effects of climate change by reducing C02 emissions, Stronghouse partner ProjectZero talks the talk and walks the walk. C02 reductions is their core business.

ZERO-carbon community

ProjectZero was created to inspire and drive Sonderborg´s transition to a ZERO-carbon community by 2029. This is based on improved energy efficiency, conversion to renewable energy sources and ensuring all stakeholders are on board to reach a joint goal of CO2-neutral growth and sustainable urban development. This is the ProjectZero vision.

Demonstrated support Town residents are collaborating on new green investments, while farmers are erecting their own wind turbines, demonstrating the broad support for the ProjectZero vision.

A house that produces more energy than needed, green district heating and ZERO+ companies, shops and schools are some of many examples of the new solutions being developed in Sonderborg.


Climate positive development

ProjectZero also aims to establish a leading position for Denmark in CO2-neutral growth and sustainable cities. With their Climate Positive Development Programme, incorporating their approach to new builds and standards for retrofitting existing neighbourhoods, the Stronghouse partners have a valuable partner on board. Today, the Climate Positive Development Programme is an integrated part of the C40 Cities project. 

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