Meet the Partners – E.ON Customer Solutions

20 September 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
E.ON Customer Solutions closes our line-up of Stronghouse partners. Last, but certainly not least. As a major player in the world of energy transition, E.ON needs little introduction. This international platform organization connects consumers with a steadily growing number of distributed renewable energy producers, facilitating the efficient and reliable integration of low-carbon renewable energy in their network countries.

Stronghouse will profit from the wide experience ofE.ON in all facets of energy renovation, including photo voltaic, heat pumps, district heating and hydrogen. Electricity subscriptions and networks are interwoven in an energy renovation service through a One-Stop-Shop. The homeowner’s Customer Journey has always been a priority and, therefore, E.ON is developing an innovative, digital journey to increase the involvement of homeowners called Home Energy Management.


Energy One-Stop-Shop

By collaborating with Stronghouse partners, E.ON wants to benefit from the project’s insights and best practices to further develop a scalable One-Stop-Shop business model. The Stronghouse enabling instruments, adoption strategies and digital modules will be useful to E.ON when adapting their energy-renovation service to homeowners. The Stronghouse cooperation will also support their efforts to involve more local SMEs in the process.

European player

E.ON is an experienced partner in many European projects and initiatives, including the European Energy Efficient Mortgages Initiative and the Horizon 2020 projects INNOVATE and ProRetro. On the European front, E.ON also contributes to an extensive range of research and development projects, maintaining a broad network that will also be of added value to the Stronghouse partners.


Hub in energy transition ecosystem

Functioning as a hub in the energy transition ecosystem, this international energy company will improve One-Stop-Shop solutions, together with Linnaeus University and local Swedish stakeholders, coordinating and accelerating the uptake of Stronghouse solutions in a trans-European perspective. Moreover, E.ON will also investigate and develop other complementary climate measures for homeowners, such as government subsidies or tax breaks.


There's more

We look forward to learning more from E.ON and sharing experience with all partners. Keep updated on Stronghouse progress and achievements through the website. You can also follow us on social media or subscribe to the Stronghouse Newsletter.

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