Climate skills for SMEs

15 April 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
During the month of March, ProjectZero held several webinars to raise awareness amongst companies and help them to calculate their climate footprint. Now the focus has shifted and the latest courses concentrate on the necessary climate competences businesses need for the future.

'Getting to grips with your company's climate footprint'  was the title of a series of weekly online courses organized by Stronghouse partners from ProjectZero in Denmark. The webinars were designed to support companies in their first steps towards reducing CO2 and greening their businesses.


Using the Danish Business Authority's CO2 calculation tool, amongst other things, the many participating SMEs gained real insight into their energy use and are now keen to take those first necessary steps towards a greener profile. However, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Investment opportunities

ProjectZero will guide these companies further on their energy journey by, for instance, pointing out investment opportunities. Currently, more webinars are being organized around various themes, including green funding, communicating sustainability efforts, Energy Performance Certificates, green transport, green innovation and much, much more.

Bright Green Business

The new series has just kicked off. The first online course dealt with climate impacts and opportunities and the most common challenges faced by companies when embarking on their climate journey. Furthermore, Werner Bruhn from Sønderborg Fornikling shared how their metal-coating company has undergone a green transformation, highlighting the challenges they encountered and how these were tackled. In 2019, ProjectZero awarded this company the title of ‘Bright Green Business’ for their environmental protection efforts.

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Original Danish input: Jens Christian Moltke-Leth