Supporting energy renovations in Roeselare’s Krottegem Neighbourhood

31 October 2022 - Published by Deirdre Buist
On 13th October, the City of Roeselare kicked off their energy renovation project in the Krottegem neighbourhood with an informative gathering , specially organized for residents in the area. The City is investing in collective energy renovation in a number of districts and, following the Verzonken Kasteel, the focus is now on another neighborhood - Energiewijk Krottegem. With a relatively high percentage of older houses, our Stronghouse partners aim to improve home comfort by creating more energy efficient housing.

“Despite the enormous increase in energy prices in recent months, many homeowners are  sceptical about  energy renovation – it costs time, research and money,” says Stronghouse colleague and project manager Ine Lobelle. “But looking on the brighter side, it really pays back in comfort, lower energy bills, a higher property value – and a cleaner, greener future! By providing free support and guidance, we aim to convince those who still doubt.”


The City of Roeselare is informing, guiding and  supporting residents in Krottegem regarding energy renovation. 

Showing heat loss 

As part of their neighbourhood approach to energy renovation, Roeselare made, with the help of trained volunteers, thermographic photos of the houses in Krottegem last year. Ine adds: “These photos are a real visual stimulant, as they show heat loss through the facades. Residents can view their own situation and are offered made-to-measure, individual advice. Sometimes even quick and easy measures can have a great effect.”

Guidance & financial support

Moreover, Roeslare is providing a whole package  of  free guidance and support before and during renovations and when applying for subsidies. Certain residents are also eligible for up-front financing through the Flemish subsidy programme ‘Ik verbouw’ –  designed specifically so that no one is -  literally -  left out in the cold. Each case has an individual contact point for the entire renovation process.

Increasing momentum

With inflation still low, homeowners are encouraged to invest in energy renovation now. Through the Mijn VerbouwLening portal, they can access information regarding  interest-free loans for energy-saving measures. Not only will this improve the comfort and value of individual properties but with each retrofitted house there is increased momentum for the European Renovation Wave.   

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