Hydrogen heating in Hoogeveen: explanatory video

12 September 2023 - Published by Deirdre Buist
By 2050 all houses in the Netherlands must be disconnected from natural gas. As part of the Stronghouse project, partners at the Municipality of Hoogeveen are showing that green hydrogen is a good heating alternative. In the Waterstof Hoogeveen project, new and existing homes are being heated with hydrogen – using the existing natural gas infrastructure.

So what are the steps that need to be taken to get this far and who do we need to help us? Hoogeveen have made a great video in which all stakeholders explain their role.

Shared ambition

Esther de Hoop, policy advisor for sustainability tells of the  Municipality's  H2 ambitions: "Hydrogen plays an important role in our future energy supplies. It is a clean, efficient and versatile energy source. Currently, hydrogen is still very expensive for consumers, which is why subsidies are still needed. The Waterstof Hoogeveen project shows that hydrogen is, ultimately, suitable for sustainably heating some of the Dutch housing stock. As a municipality we are working closely with our partners and residents. Together we share the ambition to disconnect from natural gas. It’s our contribution to making the Netherlands carbon neutral."

Inspirational journey

The Stronghouse consortium is really proud of have worked closely with the partners from this pilot. Their H2-heating journey so far has been  inspirational and set the stage for future energy alternatives in the home as well as further collaborations in the North Sea Region. 

Take a look!

 *Top photo: Stakeholders in the Waterstof Hoogeveen project sign a collaborative agreement in May 2023