Spreading the word on hydrogen heating

07 October 2022 - Published by Deirdre Buist
The Stronghouse pilot on hydrogen heating in Hoogeveen was showcased at the Wind Meets Gas Conference on 5th October. This high-profile hydrogen and offshore energy conference in the Northern Netherlands focused this year on the resilience of our energy system.

Project Manager Kees Boer joined an impressive line-up of hydrogen and sustainable energy experts and an invited audience of more than 250 participants to present Hoogeveen’s innovative pilot on H2O district heating. Kees had the opportunity to present and discuss this ground-breaking conversion project whereby 100 new builds and 400 existing homes are to be connected to a hydrogen heating network.  The energy renovation of the 400 homes  is to be carried out under the Stronghouse flag and involves the replacement of traditional gas boilers with a high-tech hydrogen version. The existing infrastructure of gas pipelines will be utilized.


Stronghouse H2O pilot presentation at Wind meets Gas 2022

Complex, challenging, inspiring

“The pilot is complex, with many challenges both in the  legal and the technical sphere, Kees explains. “It is also incredibly inspiring for others, and sharing the knowledge and experience we’ve gained in the process will serve, no doubt, as a potential catalyzer for more sustainable energy solutions.”   

H2O ambassador

Our Stronghouse partner has been pretty busy spreading the word lately.  During another recent event held  at the Zernike campus in Groningen, Kees shared the stage with a number of H2O ambassadors from Hydrogen Valley to enlighten students and alumni of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences at the University of Groningen, and other parties interested in the theme.  The seminar, with almost 50 participants,  was organized by Groningen’s Student Advisory Centre.


Kees Boer recently presented to students and alumni of the University of Groningen


For our international partners, Kees  provides some extra context regarding the current development of hydrogen as an alternative, sustainable energy source in the Northern Netherlands:  “This region has become the first in Europe to receive a subsidy from the European Commission for its so-called Hydrogen Valley. The grant is for the development of a fully functioning green hydrogen chain in the region. The HEAVENN  project (H2 Energy Applications (in) Valley Environments (for) Northern Netherlands) lasts six years.”

Expanding energy network

New Energy Coalition is an ever-expanding network of knowledge institutions, businesses, government bodies and NGOs working together to accelerate the energy transition for a sustainable future. This coalition – with some 150 partners – connects the knowledge, experience, innovation and willpower of companies, government bodies, NGOs and knowledge institutions.”

With such connections, and the Stronghouse transnational exchange network,  we can be confident that the word on hydrogen district heating is spreading fast.

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