Meet the Partners – Kishorn Insulations

26 August 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
As a result of our project extension, the Stronghouse partnership has been strengthened by a number of new partners. Kishorn Insulations is an innovative SME in the energy renovation sector. Kishorn has extensive experience with individual homeowners, supporting them in discovering the prospective retrofit capacity of their homes, their financial opportunities and their eligibility for public support, such as the Scottish Government’s Energy Saving initiative.

Kishorn recognizes that the energy renovation market has an enormous potential and has already opened important new market segments working closely with our partners from the Robert Gordon University. This company is committed to sustainably improving the energy performance of Scottish homes and reducing CO2 emissions in the region.

Transferring knowledge, improving strategies 

Through their participation in Stronghouse – and co-creation with local partners – Kishorn aims to further improve existing strategies and design new ones to enable homeowners. As a co-benificiary of the Robert Gordon University, the company has just merged with the knowledge institute in a 2-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

Translating transnational learning to practical measures

Kishorn is eager to continue its role in research and development, and proudly shares these results with the larger energy renovation community. It is keen to learn from transnational partners throughout the North Sea Region and work closely with the other Stronghouse partners. The experience and shared knowledge will be translated into practical measures and made available to also further benefit the Scottish renovation wave.


Contributing specific technical expertise

In turn,  Stronghouse will gain from Kishorn’s contribution to the enabling instruments for homeowners and SME market access. The company’s extensive experience and affinity with both these groups will be used to improve the self-assessment tool currently being developed by the partnership. The combination with specific technical expertise will expand the scope of enabling instruments to include a wider range of houses, including older, more traditional buildings for which energy renovation is more challenging.

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