Stronghouse @ atene KOM Open House Event

18 July 2022 - Published by Deirdre Buist
On July 6th and 7th, a two-day event took place at the “atene KOM Academy” in Berlin. Focus was on the effective use of smart infrastructure and the utilization of data to improve municipal and regional development. atene KOM, partner in Stronghouse, opened their headquarters to bring different experts and service providers together for thematic exchange and enlightening presentations in the fields of digital infrastructure, sensors, data utilization and visualisation. Capacity building and awareness raising were also central topics.


Sensors, smart devices & data

Under the spotlight,  Strongouse representatives presented different activities in the project regarding the utilization of sensors, smart building devices and data visualisation within the context of energy renovations.  Topics introduced included the possibilities for using sensors  connected to data-dashboards, with live by some innovative partner companies.

Positive effects on energy efficiency

Despite limited practical evidence, there is a common consensus that digital technologies and smart home or building applications have a positive impact in terms of energy performance. And this is exactly  what atene KOM is investigating, amongst other things, in Stronghouse. Our German partners are sharing their knowledge and experience regarding  various aspects of digital technology integration and the potential energy impact. The aim is to develop a comprehensive yet intuitive manual describing different aspects of smart buildings and how this technology can improve energy efficiency.


Stay tuned for further details.