How cool is this! Stronghouse partners finally meet

22 April 2022 - Published by Deirdre Buist
As the Stronghouse project kicked off almost simultaneously with the first pandemic lockdown, the collaboration has faced the extra challenge, like many others, of cooperating transnationally exclusively online. Finally, the partners met for their first ‘physical’ meeting in Flanders on 20th – 21st April. How cool (or hot) is this group photo, taken with a thermal camera by our IGEMO colleagues!

Following two days of getting to know each other better and intensive knowledge exchange, the Stronghouse partners all agree that this was a much needed impulse.  While we’ve managed to jointly book impressive results in many areas of supporting individual homeowners on their journey towards energy renovation, it’s clear that real contact counts.



Stronghouse partners meet up at Vives University, Kortrijk


 “What happens during the informal moments of the programme is equally important to building a strong cooperation. Our basis was already solid, but it has been energizing to see what a winning team we have and how easily everyone connected,” says Project Coordinator Hein Braaksma. Other comments during the wrap up session applauded the stimulating examples shared regarding one stop shop concepts, district heating, smart support solutions, CRM tools and data usage. And also included: “You all look much better in real life,” and “This is Belgium, they said there’d be waffles!”

More to share

A more detailed report of the partner meeting and site visits is in the making. We look forward to sharing more on the inspiring projects visited, the valuable research presented by Vives and the exciting work being undertaken by the Stronghouse partners

Many thanks to our Flemish hosts from Vives University of Applied Sciences, the City of Roeselare and partners IGEMO and the City of Ghent.