Fun & Serious Games in Bremerhaven

28 September 2020 - Published by Deirdre Buist
During the 1st Energy & Climate City Day Bremerhaven on 13th of September, the Stronghouse project used serious gaming to connect with and inform the public about smart ways towards energy savings. A fun way to raise awareness and with great success!

With blue skies and an ideal location, the circumstances couldn’t have been any better for this outdoor event. The German beneficiaries - atene KOM, City of Bremerhaven and Vechta University met with the Lead Beneficiary from Drenthe to engage with visitors from all over the region and to inform them of current and upcoming Stronghouse projects on smart metering, for example.

Playful engagement

Free popcorn, a digital tandem quiz on climate change, energy saving and smart metering, and an economic permit game (reflecting the EU trading system and CO2 pricing) were just some of the playful instruments used to boost engagement with passers-by and get them thinking and talking about energy saving issues.



 Useful insights

Our German partners will use the insights gained when designing their smartphone app and during smart meter studies in the upcoming months. Within Stronghouse, partners with similar pilots will cooperate further to expand on these insights and ensure full transnational exchange of knowledge.