Stronghouse E-learning – Not Interested? Grab different homeowners!

09 August 2022 - Published by Kraftvaerk
We recently published the first Stronghouse E-learning Course, on the Stronghouse Customer Journey: the fast track to adoption by homeowners. Now we've published a second course which goes into more detail about the first step of the Stronghouse Customer Journey: Homeowners who are not yet interested. Let’s get started!

We all started being not aware

We all started being not aware about energy renovation. And most of us can still relate to those homeowners who will say 'I don’t know (enough) about energy renovation'. Our challenge is to help and empower them. We aim to make them aware of the options they have and enable them to start with the renovation of their buildings. To do so, we need a better understanding of the homeowners, their preferences and their needs. This training series follows a customer journey - the different steps many homeowners take from not being interested and not knowing enough about energy renovation to experiencing the benefits of their renovated homes and sharing them with others. 

A Stronghouse co-creation

The Stronghouse e-learning courses have been designed by our partner atene KOM to provide an overview of the challenges of energy renovation (for homeowners) while also focussing on the various steps to be taken on the Customer Journey to energy renovation. They are free and build on the results and experience of the Stronghouse project and its partners. You can follow whole courses and the Customer Journey in one go or just do a few modules at a time - whatever suits! 

To get started, just click the Stronghouse E-Learning Courses (see tab in lefthand column) or take the direct route (below). New stages will be activated regularly - of course we'll tip you  when.

Ready to go? Let’s get started!