Launching the Stronghouse E-learning Courses

16 March 2022 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Great news from our colleagues at atene KOM GmbH! With just some last minute fine-tuning to do, we are almost ready to launch the first of ten Stronghouse E-learning courses. This training has been co-designed with the collaboration of all partners and will be published in stages over the coming months.

As part of the European Green Deal, renovating both public and private buildings is highlighted as a key action to speed up energy-efficent housing in the sector. However, for homeowners it’s a long road from initial interest to successful renovation. Understanding their journey is essential for effective support, and thus for increasing the energy renovation rate. How can this journey become easier for homeowners? And how can homeowners and neighbourhoods become ambassadors for energy renovation?

Supporting homeowners

Many stakeholders are involved in energy renovation. The Stronghouse e-learning is targeted at homeowners and everyone supporting them on their energy renovation journey, such as local and regional authorities, NGO’s, energy advisors, contractors and banks. It offers potential solution approaches and examples for further research to overcome the challenges when enabling energy transition to fit specific needs. 

Building on Stronghouse results & experience

In this context, this first digital training course has been developed by our Stronghouse partner atene KOM GmbH, providing an overview of the challenges of energy renovation (for homeowners) while also focussing on the various steps to be taken on the Customer Journey to energy renovation.

The different stages in the course provide a general understanding of how to enable and support on this journey. It's free and builds on the results and experience of the other Stronghouse partners. Follow-up e-Learning courses, which will be  published at a later stage,  provide a more in-depth focus of each stage in the customer journey to energy renovation.

Test new knowledge

You can take the whole course and the Customer Journey in one go or just do a few modules at a time - whatever suits! You can also test your new knowledge with the fun quiz round at the end of each section.

The course is available for free here

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