Drenthe’s insulation subsidy – targeting low-income homeowners

10 May 2023 - Published by Deirdre Buist
As a result of ever increasing prices, many households are struggling financially to meet the costs of their energy bills. So too in Drenthe, in the north of the Netherlands. Low income groups are doubly impacted as they often live in badly insulated homes, meaning a higher and less efficient energy consumption. Working together with the Northern Netherlands Alliance (SNN), the Province of Drenthe is targeting low-income homeowners, offering financial support for insulation measures.

This insulation subsidy was initially set at a maximum of 2500 euro per household for cavity wall and floor insulation. While this was initially sufficient for both measures, inflation has meant that applicants must now choose.

Team Zero, full support

To ensure the process runs smoothly for all concerned, the target group receives full support from the provincial authority. This involves checking the administrative aspects as well as individual home visits  by a special team – Team Zero. This team advises on which insulation measure has priority and requests a quote for the works to be carried out, thus finalizing the documentation for a successful subsidy application. Following a final approval by SNN, Team Zero ensures that the insulation measures are implemented as planned.

So far, this targeted approach, stimulating low-income homeowners in Drenthe to improve the energy efficiency of  their property, has been a great success.