We Need Users! - Stronghouse App tracks energy efficiency

29 March 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Yes, it's here! The free Stronghouse App, developed by our partners at the University of Vechta to measure home-energy use, was launched during the environment week organized by districts Vechta and the Climate Mile Alte Bürger in Bremerhaven, Germany this March.

The Stronghouse app – developed within the framework of the our Interreg NSR project - makes it playfully simple to calculate the energy-saving potential of individual homes. That’s why the University of Vechta introduced the free Stronghouse App during the global " lights out"  week. Now we need as many users as possible.

By registering the meter readings you can see exactly if the heating or lighting needs to be turned down a notch or if the energy measures you’re taking are already sufficient. To test the possibilities the University of Vechta has set up a German pilot and are now looking for participants.

Easy tracking

Vivien Breitrück, leading the research project, explains: „The overall objective of the study is to evaluate indicators influencing the energy efficiency behaviour of residential households. The Stronghouse App keeps track of the participants energy consumption during varying circumstances. Those participating in the study simply record the current meter readings for electricity with their smartphone or tablet every two weeks and get a direct consumption feedback. We’ll hold a number of short surveys – with respondent rewards - during the envisaged six-month pilot period. We hope to expand the measurements to include gas and water at a later stage. “


Join in & download

From summer 2021 the Stronghouse App will be also available in English so that interested partners and other North Sea energy communities can jump on board and join the study. The more data the better.

If you are interested in taking part or would like to find out more about the study, please contact or just visit Management sozialer Dienstleistungen (

For the German pilot, those interested in taking part can join directly by simply downloading the free app.

App store (Apple):

Play store (android):

You can also read more (in German) about Stronghouse and Vechta University