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24 March 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Stad Roeselare is on a mission to create a future-proof environment, and citizen participation is key. As part of their strategy, the Municipality also develops and co-creates a wealth of innovative initiatives to empower energy renovation on a neighbourhood level. Roeselare is eager to share their knowledge and experience with other Stronghouse partners working on similar initiatives.

District retrofit learning platform

The Municipality's Energy Team has shared the launch of a brand new support platform for neighbourhood energy-renovation projects - ‘Learn how to retrofit together’. This is a powerful instrument to speed up the number of home renovations, making the process know-how more easily accessible and widely available. The website (in Dutch)  provides a full step-by-step guide and video-course for ‘transition heroes’, ensuring a clear communication of information regarding the many facets of implementing district energy transition projects.



Knowledge network

While the Stronghouse partners in Roeselare have been invited to contribute their feedback, they see this platform as a good practice and relevant initiative worth sharing with the partnership, underlining the significance of exchange on multiple levels. The whole consortium can tap into their extended knowledge network – but those partners focussing on a community approach, such as Noordenveld, Drenthe and IGEMO, can particularly benefit from the example in this case.

Dutch speakers can visit the learning platform for neighbourhood energy renovation projects here.

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