Meet the Partners - atene KOM GmbH

12 May 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Meet atene KOM, one of three German partners in the Stronghouse project. With longstanding experience in accompanying project development in the areas of digitalisation, energy, mobility, health and education, Stronghouse provides a great transnational learning platform for atene KOM to investigate the obstacles and potentials when developing and implementing energy saving solutions for the housing sector that are based on digitalisation.

atene KOM is active throughout Europe, with premises in Germany, Brussels and Kiev. Sustainability and digitalisation are the core of atene KOM. They support local and regional authorities aiming to improve their competences and outcomes in digitalisation, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and education. Municipalities, SMEs, larger private enterprises and research institutions are brought together by atene KOM to co-create sustainable infrastructures for the future.


Digital empowerment

Stronghouse enables atene KOM to strengthen and implement the use of digital technologies to empower stakeholders from the housing sector and maximize energy efficiency, which can bring considerable economic and ecological advantages for communities and regions.

The Stronghouse E-learning customer guidance is currently being designed by atene KOM, with input from the partners. Focussing on the Customer Journey, the various steps, enabling instruments and support measures are targeted at a variety of stakeholders. We'll keep you updated on developments

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